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Non-Invasive Liquid Level Detection

This week’s topic of Simple Solutions series is non-invasive liquid level detection.

Production equipment that comes into contact with liquid requires regular maintenance and cleaning. A simple solution such as a non-invasive (capacitive, ultrasound or infrared) sensor can make this processes easier and less costly. Smooth surfaces are commonly easier to clean (as opposed to a surface with a sensor that protrudes through it measuring the level of the liquid).

Among other benefits of this solution, that also lead to lower costs, are: a simpler container design without weak points created at the location of the sensor; fewer moving parts that need regular maintenance and more flexibility for changing production system set-up.

There are more examples of non-invasive detection that are simple beneficial in the production system: temperature (discussed in the Contactless Temperature Measurement article), movement and leakage.

Please note this post is not an advertisement of any particular product. This post is a part of Simple Solutions, a weekly series of posts serving as a reminder of simple and effective solutions that can be used in a production system. 

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