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Smooth Motor Control in Production Settings

This is Simple Solutions Wednesday, a weekly series of posts serving as a reminder of simple and effective solutions that can be used in a production system. This week’s topic is smooth motor control.

Imagine driving a car. Let’s say an electric one. From standstill you push the accelerator pedal to the floor and keep it there. What happens next is an unsafe, uncomfortable and even uncontrollable situation. The same goes for stopping. You don’t floor your brake pedal. Instead you push it gently to come to a complete stop in a controlled manner.

This is no different for an electromechanical production system. Instead of turning a motor on/off you can gradually increase it’s power and, thus, it’s speed. This setting creates the most controlled and productive processes. It is especially important for processes requiring high precision, safety and material durability. It also results in better power quality.

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