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4 Questions that Determine Energy Consumption of your Production Plant

In many production processes, energy is a significant cost. Hence, saving energy leads to reduced production costs. It also makes production system more sustainable. To identify most suitable energy saving measures for your production plant, you need to know how much, where, when and why energy is used.

How much?
The amount of energy consumed can be measured at the place where all energy comes into the building. This is already done by your utility company in order to identify costs.

Make measurements on the sub-level (for example, the level of equipment). Use a simple non-invasive split-core or rogowski current coil.

Data provided via measurements has to be presented on a timeline to provide an insight into energy fluctuations.

Examine your production process to understand why energy is used and where energy waste occurs.

Having this information should inform you what measures to take. We know from experience that often production plants can identify improvements that cost next-to nothing but have a significant impact on production costs.

To conduct this analysis you can use a package including sensors and data insights offered by various providers or use a consulting service, such as ours.

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