Small Yet Mighty: Industrial Automation for Smaller-Scale Manufacturers

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    Initially, Industrial Automation (IA) emerged primarily as a domain of high-volume manufacturers in the automotive industry. However, more and more IA practitioners begin to urge small- and medium-size manufacturers to embrace the technology. You see, as industrial automation technology matures, it becomes more accessible to smaller-size manufacturers and allows them to reap economic […]

Industrial Robotics or the Journey from the Tool to the Partner

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Historically, humans have seen robots as tools. For decades robots have performed tasks on command and have been limited in their freedom of action, showed low performance whenever they were not designed for the task and relied on humans whenever a problem or an unforeseen scenario occurred. However, with recent technological advancements we have begun […]

On Workforce Displacement due to Automation

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As the adaption rate of automation technologies is rising, concerns about potential workforce displacement are gaining ground with new statistical studies presenting unsettling numbers. Before we deep-dive into the challenge of workforce displacement due to automation, let’s try to understand how we arrived here in the first place. The Context There are three major drivers […]

Future Trends in Industrial Automation

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Ever since the Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing sector has been reaping benefits from technological advancement. Given current and potential future developments such as the IIoT, advancements in industrial robotics and 3D printing, Augmented and Virtual Reality and more, it is fair to say that technological progress will continue to present manufacturers with new opportunities for […]