4 Questions that Determine Energy Consumption of your Production Plant

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In many production processes, energy is a significant cost. Hence, saving energy leads to reduced production costs. It also makes production system more sustainable. To identify most suitable energy saving measures for your production plant, you need to know how much, where, when and why energy is used. How much? The amount of energy consumed can be measured at the place where all […]

Industrial Robotics or the Journey from the Tool to the Partner

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Historically, humans have seen robots as tools. For decades robots have performed tasks on command and have been limited in their freedom of action, showed low performance whenever they were not designed for the task and relied on humans whenever a problem or an unforeseen scenario occurred. However, with recent technological advancements we have begun […]

Non-Invasive Liquid Level Detection

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This week’s topic of Simple Solutions series is non-invasive liquid level detection. Production equipment that comes into contact with liquid requires regular maintenance and cleaning. A simple solution such as a non-invasive (capacitive, ultrasound or infrared) sensor can make this processes easier and less costly. Smooth surfaces are commonly easier to clean (as opposed to a surface with […]

Contactless Temperature Measurement

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Today we start with Simple Solutions, weekly series of posts serving as a reminder about simple and effective technologies that can be used in production automation. This week’s topic is Infrared Temperature Sensor. In many production processes, the temperature of a product is a big factor affecting the outcome of the process and, thus, the quality of […]